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Space and Satellite Technology:

AlN ceramic has other interesting characteristics apart from good heat conduction. Firstly, its specific weight of 3.3 grams per cubic centimetre is 25 percent lighter than aluminium oxide. Secondly, its thermal expansion coefficient of about 3 times ten
to the minus sixth is less than half that of aluminium oxide, a third that of beryllium oxide and is in fact very close to silicon.

The low coefficient of expansion and good heat conducting properties guarantee high stability under changing temperature conditions and thermal shock resistance.

For the KOMPSAT 3 Project ANCeram developed a so called header bar together with Fairchild Imaging, CA. This is a ceramic substrate, looking like an extremely long DIP with gold conductor lines on top for mounting the CCD chips and wire bonding 368 Kovar pins on the side walls, connecting the CCD to the camera housing.

In another project the space probe Giotto took advantage of the low weight of AlN ceramic insulators on its flight to Halley's Comet.


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