Technical Ceramics » Product Description

As a technologically and economically superior alternative to the ecologically difficult berylliumoxide, we offer our aluminium nitride ceramic.

High-tech ceramics and material composites from ANCeram are developed through continuous application studies and permanent process optimisation.

The range of our business activities:

  Aluminium nitride components and substrates for various applications:
   - Power electronics (electrical engines)

 - Micro electronics (LSI circuits, sensor carriers, high frequency modules)

 - Naval radio systems, defense systems

 - Laser diodes

 - Railway systems (inverters for drive systems)

 - Aeronautical systems (telecommunication and research satellites) 

Silicon nitride subtrates with and without AMB Copper

Thick film and thin film metallization

Active metal brazing

Development and user lab

PinFin Cooler for IGBT modules 


 Inverter with AlN-Coolers


Parts for microelectronics


Structural components