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December 2010:

Press Release
ANCeram Bindlach supports education of young people

A year-end ?Bonanza? for the Bayreuth Festival of Young Artists

The ANCeram Company, in Bindlach, surprised the Bayreuth Festival of Young Artists, at the end of the year, with a ?bonanza? in the amount of 5,000 Euro. Managing Director, Dr. Ing. Dieter Brunner, presented the donation to Director, Dr. h. c. Sissy Thammer, during the Festival?s Christmas party. ?Since we are active worldwide, we also want to support the musical and cultural management education of young international artistic talent. This is implemented in an ideal manner by the Bayreuth Festival of Young Artists,? emphasized Brunner, concerning the engagement of his company.

In August, of this 60th anniversary year of the Bayreuth Festival of Young Artists, 500 participants from 39 nations received advanced education and training under the guidance of 50 internationally renowned lecturers. They were then entitled to present, on stage - in more than 100 concerts, events and open airs - what they had learned. 
Emphasizing the importance of this, (second), donation from ANCeram, Dr. Sissy Thammer pointed out, ?The Festival can accomplish this kind of educational obligation only because of friends and sponsors supporting our work ? just like ANCeram has done today.?
According to Thammer, even now in its 60th year, the Festival continues to set global examples. The worldwide renowned project ?Orient meets Occident?, in which 45 artists from 12 nations participated under the direction of Dr. Vladimir Ivanoff, as well as the premiere of Richard Wagner?s comedy ?A Surrender?, in a transcription by Georgios Kapoglou and Kristin BPaeckert, have been acknowledged by the international media.
The Symphonic Orchestra, with 102 musicians from 19 nations, delighted its audience with violin soloist, Juraj Čizmarović, under the artistic direction of Patrick Lange from Berlin. Sophisticated works by Gustav Mahler, Alban Berg and and Bèla Bartók, challenged and enchanted the audience in sold-out performances. The lecturers? speaker, Daniel Draganov, was pleased that the Europe-wide competitive auditioning for the participants, again, lead to a significant improvement of the quality of the concert.
The ?Concerto Barocco? set new standards before a large audience in Bayreuth?s Schlosskirche (castle church), under the artistic direction of George Petrou. Additionally, Prof. Dr. Siegried Mauser directed the wonderful ?Song and Piano?master class. Also, very impressive was the concert performance of Victor Ullmann?s ?The Emperor of Atlantis?. Conductor Amaury du Closel, delivered an imposing oeuvre. Another highlight certainly was the sneak preview performance of the Symphonic Orchestra of the Richard Wagner Festival under the direction of Sebastian Weigle, conductor of the Festival.
?Also important are the Festival?s other educational activities, such as the Bayreuth Wagner Lectures, the cultural management training, sound and video technology, our assessment center for the employment assistance, as well as the eductional projects for more than 100 of Bayreuth?s and the surrounding area?s children,? Dr. Sissy Thammer concluded.

Werner Schubert
Press Agency, Bayreuth Festival of Young Artists,
#7a Aeussere Badstrasse
D-95448 Bayreuth

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December 2010:
ANCeram supports education of young people

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