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October 2010:

Certificate Standard ISO 9001:2008!

Development, Production and Sales of Technical Ceramic Products
An audit was performed, Report No. 101982. Proof has been furnished that the requirements according to ISO 9001:2008 are fulfilled



May 2012:
CoorsTek acquires ANCeram

September 2011:
Increasing sintering capacity
May 2011:
Press release: "UltiMo"-
Project (german only)

January 2011:
Expansion of our machinery

December 2010:
ANCeram supports education of young people

October 2010:
Certificate Standard
ISO 9001:2008
September 2010:
Launching of our new soldering system

September 2010:
New production hall is finished

May 2010:
Silicon nitride with high thermal conductivity and high strength

November 2009:
Black AlN

July 2008:
Ceramic header bars for satellite operated CCD-cameras delivered.